Review: Fizik Bar Gel Handlebar Pads

Alee August 27, 2013 1
  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Value for Money

These gel pads are a real wrist saver – we would never ride without them again! They will do more for your hand/wrist comfort than any other part on a touring bike (eg. a touring fork with a lot of rake, fatter tyres, a slightly lower tyre pressure).

They are designed to be cut down to suit many different types and shapes of handlebar, but they are primarily designed for road bike (drop) handlebars.

The why:

– Smoothens out even the roughest roads for your hands and wrists

– Really cheap way to improve the comfort of your bike

– Not a one-use product, we have transferred our pads successfully over to different handlebars a couple of times

The why not:

– We can’t think of any reason why you would not use these on a road handlebar-d touring bike!


$20 USD

Similar products:

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  • olee22

    Thanks for the idea, just ordered some!