Review: DMR V8 Flat Pedals

Alee August 20, 2013 4
  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Value for Money

Kat's DMR V8 pedals were a perfect colour match to our tandem frame!

Unfortunately their function has been less than perfect after developing a click after about 2500km which we cannot shake. As a result, we cannot recommend these pedals at all for long distance touring.

The why:

- Grippy enough for flat pedal touring, but not too spiky that you will tear up your shins.

- Available is so many cool colours!

The why not:

- Click developed after 2500km meaning that these colourful pedals are unfortunately not touring worthy.


$50 USD

Similar products:

- Shimano MX80 Saint pedals

- Shimano MX30 DX pedals

  • olee22

    Sorry to hear that… So what do you have/recommend instead?

    • Alex Denham

      From most accounts, the Shimano DX pedals are the ones to go for.

  • Tom Allen

    A ‘click’ is probably nothing more than a cracked bearing, which is a pretty normal thing to happen on tour. Simple repair job, thankfully. 52x 1/8″ ball bearings and some grease :)

    • Alee Denham

      We’ll have to give it a go when we get back home – cheers Tom! :)