List of Tandem Builders and Manufacturers with Pricing

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This resource has been created to provide you with as many tandem options and prices as possible for your new bike. The pricing (where available) should allow you to find bikes in your price range.

Tandem Manufacturers (2013)

High-end Manufacturers:

Cannondale (USA) – Street, Road, 29er – Complete from $2150us

Co-Motion (USA) – Java 29er, Primera, Rubusta, Supremo, Macchiato, Equator, Speedster, Mocha – Complete from $3295us

Our custom Co-Motion is a dream to ride. It's super stiff and has a great geometry for touring.

Da Vinci (USA) – Joint Venture, Global Venture, In-2-ition, Grand Junction – Complete from $3195us

Duratec (Czech) – Big Bang – Complete from 2576€

Hokitika (USA) – 2-Be-One, Haka – Complete from $2500us

Lapierre (France) – X2 Fit, X2 Touring, X2 MTB – Complete from £1799

Orbit Tandems (UK) – Summit, Routier, Pegasus, Unicorn – Complete from £1350

Paketa (USA) – R2, D2, V2, V2r – Complete from $6795us

Paketa make some really lightweight tandems out of magnesium. As far as we are aware, they are the only manufacturer using this material.

Pedal Power (Germany) – Crossroad, Kolibri, Lady, Two Moon, Lowrider, Classic, Double Speed, Randonneur, Berlin, Butterfly – Complete from 2291€

Santana (USA) – Nuovo, Arriva, Soverign, Team – Complete from $2999us

Schauff (Germany) – Joburg 26, Racing, Strassburg, Rothenburg

Seven Cycles (USA) – Resolute 007, Axiom Ti – Complete from $8445us

Stevens (Germany) – Twin Power – Complete 2999€

Thorn (UK) – Raven Twin – Complete from £2699

Thorn are renowned for putting together a nice touring tandem.

Zweirad (Germany) – Komfort, Tour – Complete from 1849€

Cost-effective Manufacturers:

Apollo (Australia) – Syncro – Complete from $999aud

Dawes (UK) – Duet, Discovery, Double Edge, Galaxy – Complete from £799

Dawes make some of the best value tandems on the market.

Dolan (UK) – Road – Complete £1499

KHS (Taiwan) – Tandemania, Alite, Cross, Milano – Complete from $1239us

Pegasus (Australia) – Brumby, Duet II – From $999aud

Polygon (Taiwan) – Impression AX – From $749aud

Raleigh (USA) – Companion, Pioneer – From $700us

Schwinn (USA) – Tango – Complete $699us

TandemServis (Czech) – Lappi, Expedition, City, Mrazek, Folding, Balu – Complete from 1200€

Trek (USA) – T900 – From $1199us

Other Manufacturers:

Bike Friday (USA) – Folding tandems – Complete from $1698us

Fandango Tandems (USA) – MTB tandems

MSC – Mountain bike tandems – Complete from $5500us

Ventana (USA) – MTB tandems

Custom Tandem Manufacturers

*Incomplete list, but a few of our favourites…*

AMPeirce (USA)

Bilenkey Cycle Works (USA)

This classic styled bicycle is made by tandem expert, Bilenky. It's one of the nicest we've seen!

Black Sheep (USA)

Bob Brown Cycles (USA)

Bohemian Cycles (USA)

Bushnell (USA)

Calfee Design (USA) – Road

If we were going to spend a lot of money on a road tandem, it would have to be a Calfee!

Co-Motion (USA) – Touring, Road, MTB, Family

Cyfac (France) – Road, Touring

Davidson Bikes (USA)

Don Walker (USA)

Engin (USA)

Erickson (USA)

Eriksen Bikes (USA)

Gellie Custom (Australia)

Little known manufacturer Ewen Gellie from Australia has pieced together a few custom bikes for me, and I can only imagine his tandems are just as excellent!

Landshark (USA)

Litespeed (USA)

Mercian (UK)

Primate Bikes (Australia)

Another small manufacturer in Australia, Primate, make some striking custom tandems.

Roberts Cycles (UK)

Rodriguez (USA)

Santana Bikes (USA) – Road, Touring, MTB

Spectrum (USA)

TET Cycles (USA)

Ti Cycles (USA)

Zinn (USA)

If you have any other highly regarded tandem parts or bike manufacturers to add, please leave a comment below.


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  • johnf

    Roberts Cycles, Croydon, UK

     Tandem, Disc Brakes, Rohloff Hub gearing from £5,500

    • Alex Denham

      Thanks for the contribution, John. I haven’t heard of Roberts, but their tandem frame looks great!

  • Honza is a small Czech company doing also folding versions and than some other products, I was working for them and they are considered as the best tandem builder in the Czech Republic. With one of their tandems I did a trip from CZ to arctic circle and back back in 2001. Almost 7000 km almost without any problem. See:

    AZUB BIKE – This is recumbent producer where I have been working now for over 7 years. We do also a recumbent tandem which is great for travelling and which I used for some of my expeditions too and which is build based on my experiences from those long trips. See and my blog again.

    One pretty crazy trip here:

    All the best!

  • Keith

    Arvon Cycles in Alberta, Canada has been building custom touring bicycles, longtails, and tandems for 30 years.

  • Bernhard

    If you need high performance and rigid tandem suspension forks, look at Contact Jürgen for a special tandem fork offer.

  • Bernhard

    Rigid Tandem Forks:

  • Bernhard

    Famous German Tandem technology also fullsuspension tandems:

  • Dubbelop (NL): reliable 26″ touring tandem with Magura HS-33 and Rohloff from €4,000.

  • Kwog

    Rob English is left off this list. He builds custom bikes of every style and they are all beautiful, I would put his work up against anyone on the list.

  • KingCage

    Vittorio from The Netherlands.